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Peripheral arterial disease, or simply PAD is a condition in which your arteries become narrow and blood flow to your limbs is restricted. It has serious implications, and you should most certainly seek our the help of our specialist here at The DOCS Cardiovascular Treatment. We understand that this is an alarming concern, but be assured that you are in the best possible hands. Our cardiologist in Las Vegas is an expert who has the experience to diagnose and treat PAD effectively and safely.

Although the disease can affect any of your limbs, it is typically the legs that are affected. The root cause is the presence of fatty deposits in your arteries, and it is important to note that PAD does not necessarily exist without risks for other parts of your body. If you have clogged arteries that are preventing blood from getting to where it needs to go, this can also mean that your heart and even your brain are being deprived of the proper flow of blood. Our cardiologist in Las Vegas wants you to be aware of the symptoms that could indicate possible PAD. Do you have pain when you walk? Cramping is also typical, especially if you are exerting yourself. Among the other potential signs are leg numbness, your feet or lower legs feeling cold, sores or wounds on your foot that are slow to heal, hair loss on the feet or legs, and erectile dysfunction. However, it’s also possible that you won’t have any obvious symptoms but PAD may still exist.

Be sure to schedule an appointment to see our cardiologist in Las Vegas if you do have one or more of the listed symptoms. And if you’re over 65, over 50 with a history of tobacco use or type 1 or 2 diabetes, you should also be screened for PAD. Your primary care doctor may also direct you to be screened based on other factors.

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