Cardiology office in Las Vegas

Cardiology Office in Las Vegas

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Non-invasive testing in Las Vegas

Cardiology office in Las Vegas
Cardiology office in Las Vegas

If you are looking for a top cardiology office in Las Vegas, your search is over. The DOCS Cardiovascular Treatment center is a highly rated and respected medical office. Dr. Manish Gupta, the director of the DOCS Cardiovascular Treatment center, saves lives with skill. tremendous talent, and compassion. In this Las Vegas cardiologist’s practice, he focuses on patient centered outcomes. The treatment plan includes a comprehensive assessment of your personal health along with an evidence based approach to help you feel well again. Through communication, compassion, and dedication, our team works to help you regain the quality of life you want to live. Dr. Gupta is an Interventional Cardiologist with expertise in Peripheral Vascular Disease (both the arterial and venous systems), Orbital Atherectomy, Critical Limb Ischemia and a passion for amputation prevention.

This leading cardiology office in Las Vegas specializes in non-invasive testing and treatments such as nuclear imaging, echocardiography, coronary CT angiography, vascular ultrasound, stress testing, and arrhythmia monitoring. Nuclear medicine imaging is a method of producing images by detecting radiation from different parts of the body after a radioactive tracer is given to the patient. The images are digitally generated on a computer and transferred to your physician who interprets the images to make a diagnosis. Echocardiography is also called a diagnostic cardiac ultrasound. An echo uses sound waves to create pictures of your heart’s chambers, valves, walls and the blood vessels attached to your heart. A probe called a transducer is passed over your chest. A coronary CT angiography examines your heart’s arteries.

A vascular ultrasound is performed by this cardiology office in Las Vegas to assess how your blood flows through the blood vessels throughout your body. Stress testing examines how your heart is functioning during physical exertion. This is often done while running on a treadmill. And an arrhythmia monitoring device is worn if heart problems are suspected. Dr. Gupta will examine you and order one or more of these non-invasive tests to provide information about your heart’s health. Along with other tests and images, these will help him make the appropriate diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan. If you are looking for individualized, compassionate, heart-felt care, come to the DOCS Cardiovascular Treatment center.

8352 W. Warm Springs Road, Suite 300B,
Las Vegas, NV 89113
(702) 479-5236

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