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Congestive heart failure is a chronic progressive condition that affects the pumping power of your heart muscles. While often referred to simply as heart failure, congestive heart failure specifically refers to the stage in which fluid builds up around the heart and causes it to pump inefficiently. The Las Vegas cardiologist at The DOCS Cardiovascular Treatment is skilled in evaluating your symptoms and making an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Manish Gupta, the director of the DOCS Cardiovascular Treatment center, saves lives with skill, exceptional insight, and compassion. In this cardiologist’s practice, he focuses on patient centered outcomes. The treatment plan includes a comprehensive assessment of your personal health along with an evidence based approach to help you feel well again. Through communication, compassion, and dedication, our team works to help you regain the quality of life you want to live.

There are four stages of congestive heart failure. Stage one is the mildest and during physical activity, you don’t experience any symptoms. At this stage, CHF can be managed through lifestyle changes, heart medications, and monitoring. Stage two become symptomatic. When you are sedentary you are comfortable, but normal physical activity may leave you short of breath, tired, and with palpitations. Management is the same as the first stage. During stage three, there is a noticeable limitation in physical activity. Even mild exercise leaves you breathless and tired. Treatment requires a careful analysis by your doctor. During the fourth stage, any amount of physical activity causes severe symptoms, even at rest. There is no cure, but there are quality of life options. After a battery of tests, the Las Vegas cardiologist will diagnose whether or not you have CHF and what stage it is.

Treatments for CHF vary according to the severity of the symptoms. The Las Vegas cardiologist will either prescribe certain heart medications, diuretics, or suggest angioplasty to open blocked vessels in advanced stages. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to call The DOCS Cardiovascular Treatment for a full work up, diagnosis, and treatment. We are here to give you compassionate, experienced cardiovascular care.

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