Las Vegas chest pain doctor

Las Vegas Chest Pain Doctor

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Chest pain in Las Vegas

The significance of chest pain has a wide range. It can run from a benign muscle pull to a more serious cardiac or lung condition. There is no way to tell what the pain means without consulting a doctor. The Las Vegas chest pain doctor at The DOCS Cardiovascular Treatment is skilled in evaluating your symptoms and making an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Manish Gupta, the director of the DOCS Cardiovascular Treatment center, saves lives with skill, exceptional insight, and compassion. In this cardiologist’s practice, he focuses on patient centered outcomes. The treatment plan includes a comprehensive assessment of your personal health along with an evidence based approach to help you feel well again. Through communication, compassion, and dedication, our team works to help you regain the quality of life you want to live.

Chest pain is experienced by people in different ways. Some people feel crushing or burning sensations, while others experience a dull ache. In some people, the pain radiates up the neck, into the jaw, and down the back or arms. Although chest pain is generally associated with heart disease, the Las Vegas chest pain doctor recognizes that many patients with cardiac disease often experience a vague discomfort that isn’t described as pain. That is why it is so important to seek professional advice. A heart attack or other heart problems may be associated with one or more of these feelings: pressure or tightness in your chest, a crushing or searing radiating pain, pain that varies in intensity, shortness of breath, cold sweats, dizziness or weakness, and nausea or vomiting. Men and women experience symptoms of cardiac disease differently. Heart problems are also associated with a sour taste, difficulty swallowing, tenderness when you push on the chest, and persistent pain.

The Las Vegas chest pain doctor also looks for non-cardiac causes of chest pain. The pain might indicate a swallowing disorders or a gallbladder or pancreas problem. A sore muscle or injured rib can also elicit chest pain. Lung related conditions are also considered when the doctor does the evaluation. And then there are other issues such as a panic attack, heartburn, or shingles which can produce pain and tightness in the chest. Because chest pain can be an indicator of a serious condition, it is best to see the doctor right away. For care you can rely on, come to The DOCS Cardiovascular Treatment.

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